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written by Kaizen and Marina Plummer

Sneakers have become an essential part of our wardrobes, not only used for sports and fashion, but also for work wear.

But which states have the biggest collections, and what do our sneakers really say about who we are?

eBay surveyed more than 2,000 Americans to find out how we really feel about the sneakers we all wear, how many pairs we own, and what different brands and models can say about our personality.

15% of Americans judge someone by the sneakers they wear and the Nike Air Force 1 is the sneaker that makes the best first impression

A new survey from eBay reveals the sneakers that say the most about your personality, from confidence to creativity

Our favorite sneakers may contain more information about us than we think. In fact, a new eBay survey of 2,000 US respondents reveals that almost a quarter (24%) agree that the shoes someone wears can impact their first impression, color, cost, brand, material and style all play a part. .

Which sneakers say the most about you?

Sneakers are not just a type of footwear, they are also a way to express your style and convey your personality. In fact, one in five respondents (20%) admitted that the sneakers someone wears can define your character. Whether someone sees you as confident, alternative, or friendly, you can count on a quick look at your shoes.

But did you know that some sneakers say more about you than others?

From Nike Air Jordan 11 to adidas Samba, eBay’s survey collected perceptions of 33 of the most popular sneaker models to determine which ones have the most impact.

The three best sneakers that make a lasting positive impression:

  1. Nike Air Force 1

  2. adidas Superstar

  3. converse chuck taylor all star

Available in low, mid, super low, high and super high silhouettes, the Nike Air Force 1 was first released in 1982 and is one of the world’s most beloved sneakers of all time. With that in mind, it’s no surprise, then, that the study found that nearly one in 10 Americans (9%) think this sneaker is the one that defines their personality the most.

Men’s and women’s opinions of the most impactful sneaker differ, with men believing the Nike Air Jordan 1 reveals someone’s personality the most, while women say it’s the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

Sneakers are worn as a way to express themselves, with each brand and model indicating something slightly different. Participants assigned different personal traits – from confident to adventurous – to 33 different sneakers to determine which brands and models are most associated with each of these attributes.


The most associated sneaker


Nike Jordan 1


Nike Jordan 1


converse chuck taylor all star


Nike Jordan 1

Down to earth

converse chuck taylor all star


Nike Air Jordan 3


Vans Sk8-Hi


converse chuck taylor all star

Famously worn on the court by the legendary Michael Jordan since 1984, the Nike Air Jordan 1 has been associated with most personality traits. Nearly one in five respondents perceive people wearing this sneaker as stylish, while 16% of Americans rate people wearing the Nike Air Jordan 1 as confident.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (commonly known as Converse All Star) also suggests several character types. Participants claimed to perceive those who wore these sneakers as the most down-to-earth, as well as the most alternative and adventurous.

City of residence also suggests how differently we perceive a pair of kicks. For someone based in Austin, the adidas Stan Smith are seen as the most stylish, while those in San Antonio find people wearing Nike Air Huarache down to earth. Adventurous and down-to-earth are two personality traits that Washingtonians consider people wearing a pair of Nike Air Foamposite.

Wearing the right shoes can be a real boost to your confidence, and while the Nike Air Jordan lineup triumphantly emerges as the ultimate sneaker to achieve just that, men see the Nike Air Jordan 5 as the biggest indicator of confidence, for example. compared to women opting for the classic Nike Air Jordan 1.

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