Golden Goose Dupe Trainers

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When I first was introduced to GoldenGoose sneakers, I was a bit confused about the attraction. One reason is that the Instagram popular sneakers were designed to appear dirty and worn that I found to be a bit wild on considering the price of close to $600. The Italian-made leather sneakers with their distinctive star emblem were different from anything I’ve ever owned, which made them more interesting and appealing – which eventually inspired me to look for the top Golden duplicates. Goose – but more about this in the future.

As time passed, these glittery, hilarious and youthful shoes totally became a part of my Instagram feed and let me know what I was lacking in my closet and that was an interesting, fashionable and modern sneaker that everyone from influencers to fashionable moms wore. And they’re definitely not conventional and are available in a variety of funky and amazing designs, like the lavender sequins, fluorescent yellow and even a leopard print.

Original GoldenGoose sneakers were definitely worth the cost if you are willing to invest more than $ 500 for sneakers.

Although I’ve saved every now and again for these stylish Europeanshoes, I cannot decide to invest so much money on shoes for casual wear. While the time may arrive when I eventually invest in these, for the moment I’ve decided to try the waters with a great pair GoldenGoose duplicates. Of obviously, there are many models that look like GoldenGoose, but the duplicates are not as good as VintageHavana.

As with GoldenGoose, VintageHavana offers a range of captivating and interesting designs, such as camouflage adorned with rainbow sequins and gold glitter, all which have striking similarity to sneakers. GoldenGoose brand.

With its reasonable price – many shoes cost around 100USD I am concerned that the comfort, quality design, and longevity of the sneakers would not be able to compete with the best However, my fears were not true; these sneakers are comfortable, well-designed and draw a great deal of praise and inquiries about where to purchase the pair. I’ve had a few admirers who ask me whether they’re wearing GoldenGoose, and although I have been at times tempted to claim and lie that I have, at the end of the day I’m not able to resist bragging about the deal I scored when I purchased this VintageHavana pair.

The thing I love best about VintageHavana shoes is the fact that you can get an exquisite elegant shoe that appears like a high-end version of GoldenGoose without the overly worn-out and dirty style. However hard I try, I cannot comprehend the appeal of the latest sneakers which look like they’ve been around for a long time Perhaps that’s the reason I am deciding to stick to my flimsy choices. Fresh and trendy for the moment.

BonnieHavana VintageTrainers

The classic Italianstyle, without the sagging.

VintageHavana Rollin ‘Trainers

These sneakers with a low-top design feature the same star pattern that is reminiscent of Golden Goose’s original GoldenGoose style.

Old HavanaOwenTrainers

The delicate chain design makes the Vintage Havanas a luxuriant look.

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