These supportive Reebok sneakers eliminate knee pain when squatting

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Whether you’re a runner, weightlifter, or HIIT fan, knee pain makes exercising difficult and may even prevent you from reaching your goals. Despite all the skills that come with being a weightlifter, knee pain made me hesitate to do basic strength training moves like squats and lunges. I was constantly worried that a few reps would cause enough pain and swelling to keep me from going to the gym for a week. Frustrated, I finally went to see a physiotherapist, who took a look at the sneakers I was wearing and said, (I’m quoting) “what is this those?After an evaluation, my physiotherapist assumed that the constant knee pain I was feeling was probably the result of weakness in my hips and ankles. The main culprit, she explained, were my shoes.

Designed with support in mind, these Reebok elliptical trainers have a durable mesh exterior and a firm rubber sole that provides a stable surface for generating power for heavy loads. Most importantly, they have a slightly raised heel, which can help improve shape and protect your knees by pushing your hips back. According to Lisa Reed, CSCS, that higher heel may also “increase the range of motion of the ankle or the ability to stretch the Achilles tendon.”

Structured for cross training, the Nanoflex sneakers are flexible enough to handle both HIIT and plyometric exercises, while still retaining all the elements needed for a great weightlifting shoe. Since changing, I have never been bothered by knee pain during weight training or weight lifting which allows me to lift more weight without worrying about injury. A plus: they are super comfortable and come in a range of colors (personally I’m in love with coral-orange, but you do). Head to Amazon to shop the versatile sneakers starting at just $ 54.

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