16 Best New Sneakers For Women In 2022 | Sneaker trends

I’d like to think I like all my shoes the same, but I have a thing for my sneaker collection. I can always find room in my apartment for another pair, no matter how crowded my shoe rack is. But with the start of a new year comes a host of new trends, especially in the world of sneakers. It seems like brands are releasing new colorways and silhouettes almost every month these days, so I’ve taken the time to round up the best sneakers of 2022 – so far.

To help you find your perfect new pair right now, I’ve broken down my picks into a few general trends to keep in mind as you browse. These trends are whatever but boring: Funky color choices are on trend, as are sneakers with sheepskin accents that bridge the gap between slippers and shoes you can wear outside. Or opt for a minimalist pair in cream to spice up your monochromatic outfits, whatever the season. Finally, high-top sneakers are officially all the rage this year, proving that the chunky sneaker trend will never really go away. A good pair of all-white sneakers will forever be a wardrobe staple, yes, but it’s officially time to have fun with your shoes in 2022.

Keep scrolling to see all the top picks and come back soon to see a new batch of options once the seasons change in spring. Here’s to putting your best foot forward this year.

Retro colorblock

Whether you prefer to opt for something that’s covered in ’80s neon hues or softer ’60s-inspired pastels, color is the name of the game this season.

Dream Cream

White sneakers have had their day in the sun. 2022 is more of an off-white, beige or light brown sneaker.

Take height

High-top sneakers make it easy to wear chunky socks in the winter, while looking just as good with shorts or a dress in the summer.

Fuzzy feeling

Believe it or not, shearling is one of the most requested sneaker trends this season. Is there anything better than keeping your feet warm in winter?

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