Skechers Uno sneakers with arch support are so comfortable for flat feet

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Walking is one of my favorite ways to decompress and clear my mind after a long day, but as someone with chronic ankle pain from fallen arches, I find it difficult to walk anymore. an hour in unsupported shoes. Whenever I know I’m going to be spending hours on my feet, I’m faced with the same dilemma: should I use the cool unsupported sneakers that I know will practically kill my feet at the end of the day, or stick around muddy running shoes with lots of arch support that aren’t as trendy?

Fortunately, I finally found the golden buckles of the walking shoes. The Skechers Uno Stand on Air sneakers look great with almost any outfit I have, without sacrificing comfort. One of the brand’s classic styles and a bestseller, the Stand on Air sneakers are made with a cooling memory foam sockliner that hugs the contours of my flat feet while providing support. I can walk for hours without any pain or aches, and after realizing how much I love them, I now own three pairs.

The gateway pair to my obsession were the Stand on Air sneakers designed in collaboration with artist James Goldcrown (known for his rainbow-colored heart murals). The shoes, decorated with her iconic hearts, earned me compliments everywhere I went, but what got me wearing them was really how comfortable they were. Their cooling memory foam insoles kept my feet cool even on the hottest days of summer, and their air-cushioned midsoles made me feel like I was bouncing in the air. My arches are so well supported that it even relieves my knees from the pressure that can come from having flat feet.

What I also like is the 1 inch heel, which elongates my legs and matches perfectly with dresses, jeans and whatever else you can think of. The design also provides plenty of room for my wide feet, so my bunions aren’t constantly rubbed against. After wearing my first pair for a week, I decided I needed to lock up more of these shoes. I have since bought them in a classic white and navy blue, and am tempted to buy another.

However, I’m not the only fan of Skechers’ sneakers – over 3,300 buyers have given it five stars on Amazon, with reviewers agreeing they are the combination of fashion and comfort. started a job that involved staying in one place for several hours. I always buy Skechers because they fit me so well, so when I saw these shoes I was curious! I bought them and couldn’t be happier with them. They have memory foam on the bottom which cushions my feet and my hours of standing are just fine. “

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