Adidas’ four Adizero sneakers are for all runners, from distance runners to runners

The Adizero Boston 10 is a versatile everyday runner designed for stretching long and short distances. Featuring the same Adizero elements from the previous design – Lightstrike Pro midsoles, Energy Rods and Continental rubber outsole – it also comes with Lightstrike EVA midsole foam, which helps provide stability. A new lightweight heel construction secures the foot, providing additional support that is essential for races stretching over 5 km.

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The third new silhouette takes the form of the Adidas Prime X, which is a distance runner’s dream shoe. In addition to the Adizero functional elements, reinforcement blades that snap back into place have been added to the shoe in its massive 50mm heel (the World Athletics Organization imposes a 40mm stacking limit when running because anything higher provides energy return that could be considered cheating). With two rows of energy rods, the blades will improve the springiness of your step and take you on a longer and easier ride.

The final design of the Adizero pack is the most exciting. Scheduled to be worn by some of the world’s fastest athletes at the Olympics this summer over 5,000 and 10,000 meters, it was specially designed for sprint racing. Energy Rod technology has been refined for the gritty track surface by switching to a fiberglass composition, which provides rigidity, while adding more flexibility. Meanwhile, a climbing silhouette-inspired Slinglaunch Heel construction has been placed around the back of the shoe, designed to lock in the foot to create a secure, non-slip fit.

From £ 130. and sport

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