How to keep your sneakers clean, according to shoe care experts

Owners of white sneakers know how difficult it can be to keep them clean. Dirt and grime from the outside (or whatever) can be more pronounced on white sneakers.

“I would recommend wearing white sneakers for the right time and the occasion,” said Steven Tran, co-founder of Sole Fresh, a Jersey City-based store specializing in shoe care and restoration, “so don’t Don’t wear it in the rain or snow. But if you must, invest in a repellant spray that can help keep them clean. In addition to the sprays, Joe Rocco, owner and director of Jim’s Shoe Repair, has advised sneaker owners to consider brushes and wipes to care for their shoes. In addition to their favorite products, Tran and Rocco also recommended professional techniques to consider. The two experts divided their process into three stages: pre-care, cleaning and maintenance If owners are considering more serious damage such as discoloration, experts recommend that sneaker owners take or ship their shoes to a professional.

“Materials such as leather, suede, canvas can often be cleaned using retail products available off the shelves, but if customers don’t have the knowledge, they can ruin their shoes, sneakers, ”Rocco said.

1. Pre-care: Spot Protector Spray

When you first buy your white sneakers, Rocco also recommends purchasing a stain protector spray to help protect the initial integrity of your shoes. By coating the shoe with an invisible seal, the spray repels water and prevents stains without compromising the breathability of the shoe material.

Rain and Stain Resistant Apple Brand Guard

This option received an average of 4.6 stars from over 5,000 Amazon buyers. Made by shoe care expert Apple Brand, the brand promises the product will not alter the color of your shoes and leave no sticky residue behind. And unlike some other sprays which are only suitable for certain materials, this spray is safe to use on leather, suede and canvas, depending on the brand. The product is not limited to white shoes but can be used on handbags, wallets, boots, accessories and even furniture.

The Art of Crep Protect Spray

Tran recommends Crep’s protective spray, which they use at Sole Fresh. Collecting an average of 4.6 stars from nearly 15,000 Amazon buyers, the spray works on suede, canvas and nubuck fabrics. The spray creates an invisible protective barrier that allows the shoes to repel water and stains. This protective barrier can last up to two weeks, depending on the brand.

2. Cleaning: Sneaker cleaning kit

The first step in sneaker cleaning is brushing off loose and excess dirt, experts noted. “Failure to do this and just use the wet cleaning solution will further embed the dirt in the material, especially for premium canvas / knit materials,” Tran explained.

The second step, after scrubbing off the dirt, is to remove the laces and wash them by hand. “You can hand wash over the sink using water and a little bit of dish soap,” Tran said. After applying soap, he recommended that you rinse with water and dry with a microfiber towel.

Finally, move to the lower sole and midsole. Here add a few drops of the solution to the brush and gently scrub the bottom sole. Once you have lathered the sneaker, wipe off the dirt and lather with a microfiber towel. Apply the same technique to the upper or the top of the sneaker. Tran also added that if you’re using a prepackaged sneaker kit with a solution included, you don’t need to rinse the solution off with water. If you wear your sneakers every day, Tran suggests cleaning the sneakers once a month.

Reshoevn8r Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit

The sneaker cleaning process often involves several steps, as Tran explained, so he recommends purchasing a kit that has all the materials you might need to maintain your white sneakers. Tran loves the kit because it comes with three different brushes: hard, medium, and soft bristle brushes. “If the sneaker is leather, use the medium brush,” he added. “If the sneaker is canvas, knit, or high-end sneakers (leather is usually softer), use the soft brush. The Reshoevn8r kit also includes a microfiber towel, cleaning solution and cleaning bottle.

3. Maintenance: wipes for sneakers

And once you have worn the shoes a bit, some scuffs or stains may appear. In this case, Rocco recommends sneaker wipes that maintain the whiteness of the shoes by removing dirt. “If you leave the dirt on for too long, the dirt mark can stain,” he explained. But Tran pointed out that sneaker wipes are great for leather sneakers and sneaker midsoles, but you can’t really use them to care for suede, nubuck, or knit materials.

Tran also recommended Jason Markk’s Individually Wrapped Sneaker Wipes for routine sneaker maintenance. To apply, Tran recommends quickly rubbing areas with dirt stains at the end of the day, as soon as you take off your shoes. The wipes have two sides: a smooth side to apply the cleaning solution and a textured side to clean the most resistant areas.

If you can’t get wipes or you’re in a hurry to clean your sneakers, Rocco suggested looking in your cabinet for Windex, which he said “is gentle and a good product and can be used sparingly to gently wipe down. dirt as well. “The popular household product has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of over 9,000 Amazon shoppers.

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