Brooks Ghost 14 review: Great carbon-neutral everyday racer

In this Brooks Ghost 14 review, we’ll try to explain why we think these carbon neutral running shoes are the best Brooks running shoes you can get right now. The Ghost 14 is perfect for daily training and jogging; if only they came in more exciting colorways…

Brooks has long been known as one of the best running shoe brands in the world, with a footwear heritage dating back to the early 1900s. It wasn’t until the ’70s, however, that the cobbler really started to own the racing space, launching the Villanova series in 1974 and then the Vantage three years later, which sported the industry’s first-ever use of EVA.

Brooks has clearly always been at the forefront of running shoe development, and it still is today. The company invests tons in research and development to ensure it can deliver the best experience for all types of runners, delivering a shoe design for just about any environment.

Its most popular shoe franchise is indeed the Ghost with the Glycerin line in second place.

(Actually, there isn’t much difference between the two, but to learn more, you can always check our Brooks Glycerin vs. Ghost Review.)

Brooks Ghost 14 review: Price and availability

The Ghost 14 running shoes launched in mid-2021 and are available to buy now directly from Brooks US, Brooks UK and Brooks AU for RRP $140 / £130 / AU$229.95.

There’s a mind-boggling number of colorways available in this new iteration of the Ghost (24 to be precise). Unfortunately, in true Brooks style, most of them are pretty garish.

Close up view of the Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes

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Brooks Ghost 14 review: Design

Setting aside our minimalist color preferences for a moment, the design of Brooks’ Ghost 14 shoe isn’t too bad. It is much sleeker than its predecessor thanks to a new and improved upper, which feels somewhat luxurious. For one, it’s less puffy and more streamlined, stretching to hug your foot when you put it on and giving a slipper-like feel. It’s great for having more control during a run when your feet are pounding the pavement.

The only downside here is the lack of a gusseted tongue, which would prevent water and debris from sliding through the laces into the shoe. It’s not something we had any issues with in testing, but it’s still worth mentioning as it could prove problematic if your usual running routes have varied terrain.

One of the Ghost 14’s best design features, however, has to do with its eco-friendly merits. Outlining a plan for net zero carbon emissions by 2040, Brooks is using recycled materials and carbon offsets in more and more of its running shoe lines. The Ghost 14 is the posterboy for this.

In fact, it’s the company’s first carbon-neutral shoe, rebuilt with recycled bio-based materials that reduce manufacturing waste in the creation process. From the dye to the tongue’s recycled mesh material, the Ghost has undergone a climate-conscious makeover and we’re totally here for it.

Close up view of the Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes

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Brooks Ghost 14 review: Size and fit

Since the Ghost 14’s predecessor was a bit short, Brooks improved the fit to ensure their latest shoe is true to size. The thinner mesh on the upper also makes the forefoot feel a little roomier. Nonetheless, it comes in a variety of different widths so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Brooks Ghost 14 review: Performance

The standout feature of the Ghost 14 is that it features Brooks’ 100% DNA LOFT cushioning technology in the midsole. It’s the addition of this that gives the shoe a super soft feel, providing superb heel comfort every time your foot hits the ground.

Despite this high level of cushioning, there’s still plenty of support on offer, mostly thanks to the stretchy, responsive upper, which keeps your foot firmly in place as you run for a 360-degree fit. For that reason, we’re confident the Ghost 14 is comfortable no matter your foot type. We do have reservations about its high arch though, which might not offer the best support for runners with flat feet.

Another downside we have here is breathability. Although the shoe proved to be warm and comfortable during our runs during these colder months, we can imagine that it won’t be as pleasant in the summer, as the upper is not as breathable as those of rival sneakers. , such as Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 38, for example. That’s something we’ll have to let you know once the weather warms up.

Overall, the Ghost 14 is a great neutral shoe with a remarkably stable ride. For this reason, it is a bit criticized by more avid runners, who call it too bland. But if you’re looking for longevity and stability, this is the shoe for you. It’s also an ideal all-around runner for beginners or those who don’t yet know what type of runner they are.

Close up view of the Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes

(Image credit: Lee Bell)

Brooks Ghost 14 review: Verdict

It’s no wonder the Ghost 14 is a must-have for runners looking for a dependable everyday running shoe. Not only is this the first carbon neutral shoe from Brooks, but it offers unparalleled cushioning, ensuring a comfortable and easy ride, whatever your running style or foot type.

The Ghost 14 is a great all-around running shoe, perfect for anyone looking for comfort and an equal level of support in their runs.

Brooks Ghost 14 review: Also consider

The Brooks Glycerin 19 offers an even smoother running experience than the Ghost 14. The blend of foam, air, and rubber in these running shoes provides ultra-soft comfort as you put in those long training miles. Brooks extended the LOFT DNA to the full length of the midsole, and you’ll feel the benefits of that extra cushioning on your first run.

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit is as soft as the Ghost 14. The ZoomX once again proves why it’s one of the best midsole foams on the market today: it’s super soft while providing great feedback. of energy. Thanks to the combination of the “advanced” Flyknit upper, padded collar and puffy tongue, comfort is taken to the next level.

The Brooks Launch 8 is a highly breathable and reliable shoe with improved cushioning that still manages to feel fast and light. It’s firmer than the Ghost 14, so those who prefer ultra-bouncy trainers might not prefer the Launch 8. That said, it’s a solid trainer at a reasonable price for beginners and slower runners who want to stretch. feel faster.

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