Cassidy emerges as a possible front-runner and villain

Cassidyis not here to make friends.

She does that abundantly clear in an E! Exclusive look at the January 10 episode of The single person. As a preview, the 26-year-old executive assistant refuses to participate in the group’s meeting, which includes the organization of a birthday party for the children. Instead, Cassidy chooses to sit on the side and drink lemon water.

“Cassidy and I are supposed to build the dollhouse,” complains a contestant at Single camera, “but I’m stuck building the house on my own. I mean, she doesn’t care about the birthday party.”

Unbothered by the “vexed” ladies, Cassidy states that she’s here “to hang out with Clayton,” so it’s no surprise that she rushes off and drags Clayton away from the group date.

This move naturally upsets her more Single peers, with one woman commenting, “Cassidy doesn’t care what other people think; it’s disrespectful.”

Meanwhile, Cassidy informs Clayton that she loves him “a lot” and proceeds to pull him in for a big kiss.

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“To this day, I think Cassidy might be a favorite,” she notes, referring to herself in the third person. While we appreciate Cassidy’s confidence, she should be worried about walking away from other women, because the Single the villain rarely catches that final rose.

We can confidently say that we’re looking forward to Monday’s episode, as this dramatic scene takes place during an outing hosted by Hilary Duf. We wonder if the how i met your father Will the actress have any advice for when the women “come clean” about their disdain for Cassidy? Boy, we hope so.

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Of course, that’s not the only drama to be expected, as the bachelor previously told E! News that her search for love was a “crazy race.”

“I found love,” the 28-year-old star revealed again. “As far as what it looks like, I think that’s where everyone needs to tune in and find out.”

For a taste of Clayton’s unexpected journey, watch the exclusive scene above.

The single person airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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