Best picks for weightlifting, CrossFit and more

There is a lot to consider when looking for the best athletic shoes, especially given the wide variety of styles available, all designed for different types of workouts and exercises.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned one, you’ll need a pair of sneakers that stay comfortable, even during the most grueling sessions, and that will help you perform to the best of your ability.

That being said, we’ve put this list together based on price, reviews, and unique features that we believe make each of these shoes stand out from the crowd.

So whether you are looking for something for weight lifting, like the inov-8 Fastlift 335‘s, or looking for something designed primarily for CrossFit, like these Under Armor Tribase Reign 3‘s, then we’ve got you covered here.

Best sports shoes

Best Gymnastics Shoes for Weightlifting – inov-8 Fastlift 335

Mark: inov-8 | Equipment: Synthetic TPU | Closing: Laces & Strap

If you are looking for a versatile shoe for all kinds of movements, from the Olympic to the deadlift, then the inov-8 Fastlift 335It might be for you.

First of all, they feature a stable, caged heel that incorporates Power-Truss technology, which is designed to give you lateral stability and a stable base for lifting, especially from the ground.

They also come with a secure Velcro strap which should help keep your feet planted and secure in the shoe while going for a particularly explosive squat for example.

Overall, if weight lifting is your main reason for going to the gym, then the inov-8 Fastlift 335 are a great option to help you get the most out of your elevators.

Best Sports Shoes for CrossFit – Under Armor Tribase Reign 3

Image Credit: Under Armor

Mark: Under Armor | Equipment: Synthetic | Closing: Lace up

Under Armor has been manufacturing gym equipment for many years, and its latest Tribase Reign 3were designed for a more recent entry into the athletic scene – CrossFit.

The TriBase sole has been designed to maximize contact with the ground and should help keep you stable while performing difficult and quick lifts during a CrossFit routine.

The shoe also has a low 2mm offset to further increase stability, while the outsole features grooves to improve traction during heavier lifts.

Ultimately, this is an ideal shoe for CrossFit enthusiasts thanks to its innovative design and features that make it suitable for this particular form of exercise.

Best sneakers for HIIT workouts – Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2

Mark: Nike | Equipment: Synthetic | Closing: Lace up

Like Under Armor, Nike has long been a brand synonymous with sports equipment and its SuperRep 2It shows why they’ve been at the top for so long.

What makes these shoes so good, especially for HIIT workouts, is that they feature a wide base and a high amount of cushioning that should keep you stable and protected against the impact of the type. vigorous jumping exercises commonly found in HIIT routines.

Plus, Nike has incorporated what they call the “burpee break”, a groove in the front designed to help you hold positions like boards, push-ups and, of course, burpees when you’re on the pointe. feet.

Overall, these shoes should give you enough comfort and stability during any type of high intensity exercise, which is why they are a great option for HIIT workouts.

Best sneakers for deadlifts – SABO deadlift shoes

Mark: SABO | Equipment: Synthetic | Closing: Laces and staples

As its name suggests, the SABO Deadlift Shoes are designed primarily for one type of elevator to help you achieve personal bests on a regular occurrence.

The ankle and metatarsal straps, high design, and wide toe area should give you a lot of support and comfort when trying to pull a heavy weight, even in a sumo position.

In addition, the soles of the shoe are ultra-thin, only 2-5mm depending on where you are measuring, allowing your feet to be as close to the ground as possible, which is what you should be looking for in shoes. deadlift.

Ultimately, if you are an avid deadlift enthusiast and want a pair of shoes that have been designed to help you take it to the next level, then the SABO Deadlift Shoes maybe for you.

Best sports shoes for cardio – adidas 4DFWD

Mark: adidas | Equipment: Primeknit + | Closing: Lace up

The adidas 4DFWDis on our list of the best running shoes, so it’s no surprise that it is among the best athletic shoes for cardio workouts.

With the lightweight Primeknit + exterior and responsive 3D printed midsole, adidas 4DFWDIt should be extremely comfortable while you are running on the upper treadmill or cycling on the upper exercise bike in the gym.

Additionally, the 3D printed midsole uses adidas’ latest technology to generate three times the forward movement compared to its previous 4D midsoles, so, for running in particular, these shoes should help you out. overwrite your PB.

Overall, if your primary form of exercise in the gym is cardio, then these lightweight sneakers from Adidas might be for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Footwear

With so many different types of athletic shoes available, you may have a few questions about what sets them apart, but don’t worry as we’re here to clear up some of the more common questions.

Why are there different shoes for different exercises?

The reason there is such a variety of shoes is that each exercise and workout requires different levels of support from your feet.

For example, with weightlifting specific shoes, you might find that they have a raised heel that should allow you to descend deeper into squats, and the sole is much stiffer to provide more stability. .

Conversely, a shoe designed for running usually has a lot of padding in the midsole to help absorb some of the shock delivered when your feet hit the ground with each stride.

So, that being said, the ideal athletic shoe for you depends on the type of workout you tend to do at the gym.

Why do you need a flat sole for the deadlift?

As seen with the SABO‘s, shoes designed primarily for deadlifts tend to have a flat sole.

This is because ideally you want your feet to have as much contact with the ground as possible in order to have the most stability and friction to lift the weight off the ground.

Deadlift shoes also tend to have hard soles so that you don’t lose any power when driving through your legs, as more cushioned soles would absorb some of this workout, which could prevent you from completing the workout. lifting.

How long should my sports shoes last?

It really depends on how often you use them and how much punishment you inflict on them.

While there is no definitive deadline, some signs that you need a new athletic shoe include: physical pain around your feet during a workout, you have blisters, the sole is worn out , etc.

Also, if the sole and midsole aren’t as cushioned, or as tough if they’re meant for weightlifting, as they used to be, maybe it’s time to start looking for new trainers.

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