Baker Mayfield tying his lineman shoes is the reason he gets it


  • Taking care of your offensive lineman is important, and Baker Mayfield got the mission.
  • On a Sunday drive, Mayfield took the time to tie up one of his lineman’s shoes. Which guy!
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You may have heard the expression “happy woman, happy life”. Well, the same notion applies to quarterbacks and offensive linemen. If the Big Uglies are happy, then everyone is happy.

Baker Mayfield understands the importance of this relationship.

In Cleveland’s 14-7 win over Minnesota on Sunday, left guard Wyatt Teller had his shoe untied. The Browns were in the middle of a third quarter and Teller got down to his knees and started releasing his stud.

Mayfield, who was about to take the ball, noticed the predicament of his 6-4, 315-pound goalie. Teller wore big, beefy gloves with a big job of duct tape, when he wasn’t.

In an act of pure camaraderie, Mayfield motioned to Teller and leaned down to tie the shoe to him.

It was one of the most unique moments you’ll see in football, but it’s clear Mayfield is getting it.

I love everything about it. Loving the Big Uglies as well as yourself, if not better, is key to football and, in a metaphorical sense, to life.

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