The new Allbirds Trail Runner SWT sneakers are perfect for hikers and trail runners

All birds

Allbirds Trail Runner SWT


Today for the first time, All birds takes the track. The sustainable footwear and clothing brand has just announced a new line of footwear, further expanding its offering for adventurers looking for shoes that are both stylish and functional.

Allbirds’ latest launch combines its signature materials of sugar, wool and trees – hence the SWT in the name.

The new Trail Runner SWT sneaker features an FSC-certified natural rubber outsole with studs to help you better grip on rough terrain on the move.

The new shoe, called the Trail Runner SWT, was designed for running and combines iconic Allbirds sugar, wool and tree materials – hence the SWT in the name. The sneaker joins Allbirds’ other line of performance sneakers, which currently includes the Dasher tree running shoes and weather resistant Dasher Yarn Mizzles.

While you’ll be sure to recognize similar durable design touches, there are a few details that define the Trail Runner SWT apart from other Allbirds currently on the market. First and foremost, it features an FSC-certified natural rubber outsole with studs to help you better grip on rugged, moving terrain. Sweetfoam midsoles are also designed to maximize comfort and rebound while adding to the overall flexibility of the shoe. Finally, the merino wool you know and love from Allbirds is found in the ripstop, which also includes recycled poly to make the sneakers more durable.

To make sure the Trail Runner SWT stands up to its competition, Allbirds had over 2,000 trail runners and hikers took them for a ride, so you can be sure these sneakers will hold up when you take them over rocky terrain. , wet or grassy. We also had the opportunity to try them on, and while we don’t have any trails nearby to get a full feel for these shoes in action, we found them to be incredibly light which made them easier to put on. ground comfortably, providing just the right amount of traction without slowing us down.

Allbirds Trail Runner SWT
All birds

Allbirds Trail Runner SWT

To further differentiate these shoes, Allbirds also went for a fun and dynamic style when making the Trail Runner SWT. Right now, you can purchase the sneakers in four colourways to add flair to your outdoor gear: the two limited edition colourways, Telluride and Diablo, feature pops of vibrant color in unique red and yellow hues. Or go for more neutral tones Natural White and Natural Black.

The sneakers currently sell for $ 138, and you can find them in sizes 7-14 for men and 5-11 for women in stores and on the Allbirds website.

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