The PH company turns pineapples into sneakers

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, November 25) – A local company has developed a new way to use materials from sustainable sources: transforming pineapple and cotton fibers into sneakers.

Creative Definitions co-founder Michael Claparols spoke to CNN Philippines on Thursday about their eco-friendly product.

The birth of LAKAT Sneakers

It all started when he and his wife Banj went to a salon almost three years ago.

After the visit, they had a bulb moment that it was time to create sustainable shoes, which they called LAKAT Sneakers.

“We were shocked that the trend [of] sustainable materials and products are growing, so I said, wait, the Philippines has over 30 fibers … so we came up with an idea – why not come up with some sustainable sneakers made from our own fiber? local origin? That’s how it all started, ”Michael Claparols told The Source.

Anatomy of LAKAT sneakers

The upper of the shoe is made from pineapple and cotton fibers and hand-woven by weavers on the island of Negros, Claparols said.

The insoles use 100% non-woven pineapple fabric while the outsoles are created from rubber produced by farmers in Mindanao. Pineapple and cotton fibers that have been discarded during the yarn spinning process are mixed with the rubber outsoles.

The technology behind sustainable footwear is a collaboration between Creative Definitions and the Philippine Textile Research Institute.

“It really is a 99% sustainable product that is 100% made locally,” said Claparols, adding that it takes two to three months to finish making the sneakers.

Is it expensive?

A “lo-cut” Lakat sneaker is priced at 3,960 while a pair of “hi-cut” shoes is priced at 4,220.

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