Luxury sneakers are the new heels

Remember when you read how shoes are like a second skin? Well, if this is anything that combines comfort and style, you certainly don’t want to take it off! One of the top shoe trends for 2021 is luxury sneakers. Kylie Jenner loves them, just like JLo and Gigi Hadid. The advantage? They’re so dressy you can wear them with everything from cycling tracks and shorts to jumpsuits, midi dresses, skirts and to an outdoor party. Here’s why you might want to slip into an ultra chic pair …

Go matchy-matchy with that

For your next vacation, opt for sneakers in pastel shades. They go well with linen capris and shorts or your floral dresses. Speed ​​things up by matching your look with your looks, your watch, your outfit and maybe your bag, all in the same color.

Chic at work


Who says dressing in the workplace has to be boring? Put away the usual office shoes and opt for slip-on sneakers for dressing up on Saturdays. It’s functional, on the go, and you can take them from the office to your brisk walk. Pick a white pair to go with your details.

Fitness form


Not for die-hard sportsmen, of course, but for a stroll or a day in the city, replace the usual bulky athletic shoes with slimmer, more stylish black sneakers. They are versatile and go with everything.



Who doesn’t like a little shine! It definitely elevates any look. Wear metallic sneakers that give an edgy and grungy look. They go with literally anything from baggy tees and jeans to flirty short dresses and skinny pants.

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