Hilary Duff just wore the Allbirds Wool Runner sneakers Hollywood loves

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As you go on your summer adventures, you probably know that you need a pair of really comfortable walking shoes. Gone are the days when you walked for miles with fragile flip-flops; instead, sane shoes have taken over, and there’s one comfy shoe argument all Hollywood moms agree on: Allbirds sneakers are the shoes to wear if you want to walk around town (or run after your kids) without risking your feet hurting at the end of the day.

We were recently reminded of the brand’s popularity with Hollywood moms when Hilary duff, an avid Allbirds fan, stepped out in the Beloved Wool Runner who has over 1,000 five-star reviews and has an average rating of 4.8 stars. These numbers might already be enough to convince you that the $ 95 is worth adding to your cart. If you need more conviction, let’s take a look at how good-looking Duff is and how much buyers love him.

Duff wore his Wool Runners for what looked like an afternoon workout. She styled them in a blue Gymshark set (her exact leggings and sports bra are still available) and the pretty face mask KN95 Maskc it is also taking control of Hollywood. It’s an easy look to copy, and it’s not just a look to wear while working out. Shopping in the city requires a similar set, and you can be sure your Allbirds will take you anywhere effortlessly.

The Duff Approved Wool Treadmills are made from super soft, moisture-wicking, ethically produced merino wool. They also have a perfectly bouncy candy cane midsole for a little pep in your stride, a moisture-wicking sockliner for added cushioning, and laces made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Oh, and they’re machine washable!

“No breakage is necessary. Comfortable the first time I wore them and every time since!” wrote a client. Many nurses praised these sneakers as well, writing things like, “As a nurse who spends most of her 12 hours standing, these shoes are amazing!”

And if you’ve struggled for a long time to find a good pair of sneakers for wide feet, heed a reviewer’s advice and grab these Wool Runners, stat. “I have wide feet so I usually have a hard time finding shoes,” they wrote. “The material of these shoes is soft and flexible, my feet are not sore after wearing them, they immediately became my new go-to shoe.”

Duff’s Lover Allbirds Wool Runner costs $ 95, which you can buy in various colors right now. Other Hollywood-approved options include the classic Tree runner as good as Dasher tree which are sure to be just as comfortable. Buy them below.

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