“Gilbert Arenas was really jumping in Dolce and Gabbana shoes!?” How the Wizards legend dropped 30 points every night in shoes without hoops

Gilbert Arenas wore Dolce and Gabbana shoes to NBA games and always scored over 30 points on those nights.

Gilbert Arenas was quite an unorthodox player during his playing days. This doesn’t refer to the style he played with, it was far from unorthodox. Arenas was a high-volume scoring wing who was an All-Star three straight years with the Washington Wizards averaging over 25 points in those 3 seasons.

Because as well known as Arenas was on the pitch, he was just as well known off it. It’s impossible to think of the Wizards star and not remember his confrontation with Javaris Crittenton in the locker room.

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Gil recently opened up and opened up about a slew of stories from his past in the NBA and beyond in interviews with VladTV. Here, he would recount his infamous incident with John White while talking about his ex-wife who only received $10,000 instead of the hundreds of thousands of dollars requested.

Gilbert Arenas used to hoop in hoopless shoes during his playing days.

Another unorthodox Gilbert Arenas story would be that he showed up to official NBA games in shoes that were definitely not meant to be worn by professional hoops. Not only did he once wear Air Max Plus to a game, but he took it a step further and donned Dolce & Gabbana shoes as well.

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This, of course, isn’t the first time athletes have worn shoes without hoops to compete in NBA games. It’s pretty impressive to think about the fact that Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and the rest of the NBA players of the late 70s and early 80s wore Converse canvas shoes and took on the NBA hardwood.

However, Arenas’ time in the NBA was much further back than the ’80s. Not having the right traction and ankle support in an era with stellar Kobes and Jordans would be a serious downside. Knowing about Agent Zero though, he made it work.

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