Gable Steveson leaves his shoes on the mat after winning the national championship

Photo: Gopher Sports

Minnesota Gophers heavyweight wrestler Gable Steveson has already proven himself to be the best in the world. He didn’t need a win on Saturday night to establish that fact. But still, there was no way one of the greatest wrestlers in NCAA history could lose.

No, Gable Steveson is the ultimate entertainer and what kind of rising star story would it be if he were to end his 51-game winning streak with an NCAA National Championship loss. We all knew he wasn’t going to let his story take this turn, right?

Gable Steveson ends on top

Arizona State’s Cohlton Schultz could be the future of college wrestling. But he wasn’t ready for what Steveson brought tonight and it showed early when Gable got his first out 5 seconds into the game.

The score was 4-1 after one period. A breakout from Steveson to start the 2nd made it 5-1. Schultz got one more point after an early breakout in 3rd. But he never really had a chance. The final was 6-2 and the result was Gable Steveson’s 2nd consecutive national championship, an undefeated season (18-0) and his 52nd consecutive victory.

After the match, Steveson performed his standard backflip, to cheers from the crowd. Then, he took off his shoes in the middle of the mat, signaling tonight as the last time he wrestled as a varsity athlete. Gable later confirmed that he was indeed moving on to the next step in his career, which should be WWE.

Eric Strack | Minnesota sports fan

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