Australian owns about five pairs of shoes they don’t wear, says TreadLightly | Newcastle Herald

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A big problem with shoes are the ones that aren’t used, apparently. An organization called TreadLightly did some research. This research found that the average Australian owns around five pairs of shoes that they don’t wear. That’s 100 million pairs of unused shoes in our closets, guys. A quarter of the people questioned keep their old shoes “for a rainy day or for sentimental reasons”. Half of those surveyed confessed to throwing unwanted shoes in the trash. TreadLightly – a new national, industry-led recycling initiative managed by the Australian Sporting Goods Association and Save Our Soles – addresses this problem. It takes unwanted athletic and active lifestyle shoes and recycles them into rugs and flooring for retail stores, gyms and playgrounds. “This research highlights how many shoes collect dust in the home and how many shoes end up in the trash because we don’t know what else to do with them,” said Shaun Bajada, executive director of Australian Sporting Goods. Association. Bajada said it was a national problem of “significant environmental concern”, with shoe components taking more than 1,000 years to decompose. “TreadLightly exists to solve a very real industry problem. We are committed to working closely with retailers, manufacturers and consumers to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint and prevent millions of shoes from going to landfill each year. Over 110 million shoes are imported to Australia each year, including 25 million sports and athletic lifestyle shoes. TreadLightly is calling on Australians to help it reach its goal of recycling over a million pairs of shoes by 2023. “All you have to do is find all the athletic or style shoes in your home. unwanted active lives – from sneakers and sneakers to golf shoes – and take them to one of our more than 400 participating retailers to be recycled when your state opens. “Women are more likely to keep shoes they don’t wear, keeping an average of seven pairs – while men keep about three pairs. And more than half of women buy shoes every six months or more. , most averaging 11 pairs. TreadLightly works with Adidas, The Athletes Foot, Nike, New Balance, Platypus, Hush Puppies, SportsPower and Rebel Sport. ‘they create in a fair circular economy. So … if the shoe fits you, wear it. This from Col Maybury of Boolaroo: An Englishman and an Irishman went to a bakery for lunch. When the owner’s back was turned, the Englishman grabbed three buns and stuffed them in his pocket, saying “How’s that for a neat ride?” The Irishman said he could do better. He told the owner: “ Sir, would you like to vo go for a magic trick? “Yes,” replied the owner. “Well, give me one of these buns,” said the Irishman. The owner did. The Irishman ate it and asked for another bun, then another. As the Irishman finished his third bun, the owner was visibly angry. “Where’s the magic trick?” He said, with anger in his voice. “Look in the pocket of the Englishman,” said the Irishman. IN THE NEWS:


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