You wore your sneakers badly

It’s always shocking to learn that so far you haven’t used an everyday staple correctly in your life.

The internet is a breeding ground for little-known life hacks, and we have never ceased to be amazed at our own oblivion.


One man online said this oft-overlooked hole in sneakers is actually significantCredit: TikTok
He captioned his clip: "Years of sliding in shoes made"


He captioned his clip: “Years of sliding in shoes made”Credit: TikTok

Sidney Raz has attracted over two million TikTok users with his cheeky videos that reveal what he calls, “Things I Should Have Known Before I Turned 30.”

In a recent clip, he shared a sneaker hack we could all use for comfort and safety.

“Here’s something I didn’t know until I was 30: how you’re supposed to wear running shoes,” he began.

He pointed at two small holes on either side of the sneaker’s front flap: “That little hole is called a heel lock, and you’re supposed to use it.”

Sidney demonstrated how it works by putting on a sneaker and threading one side of the lace through the newly discovered hole.

“The same side of the lace goes through the hole.”

Then he took the opposite side of the lace, crossed it over the front flap, and slipped it under the arc of the first lace: “The lace on the opposite side goes through this loop.

After repeating the steps on the heel lock hole on the other side, he pulled the laces up and tied them above the flap.

Shocked at how well his foot now felt in the shoe, he shouted, “Locked heel!”

The simplicity of the trick and our ignorance left viewers in awe:

“This man taught me more than high school,” one wrote jokingly.

“Lmaooo man, we all come to be [winging] life doesn’t know how to do anything right, ”added another.

“It should be taught in PE,” joked a third.

These are the kinds of online tricks that led to the nickname “TikTok University”.

One viewer commented on the usefulness of the heel lock:


One viewer commented on the usefulness of the heel lock: “Plus, if your tie loosens, your shoe won’t so you can keep running”Credit: TikTok

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