What shoes does Dr. Brad Schaeffer wear?

The Learning Channel (TLC) is home to bizarre reality TV series such as 90 day fiancé ‘ and Here is Honey Boo Boo. In 2018, Dr Pimple Popper, which is now in its sixth season, became an unlikely sensation overnight.

There’s another Doctor on TLC now, and viewers can’t seem to get enough of his comments on their feet. Dr Brad Schaeffer is the star of the hit reality TV show My feet are killing me. Together with Dr Ebonie Vincent, orthopedic experts are helping desperate patients overcome their horrific foot problems.

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Since the foot and ankle specialist knows all about good foot health, one cannot help but wonder what type of shoes he himself wears.

My feet are killing me is currently in its third season. When it comes to shoes, Doctor TLC has a few favorite brands that are not only “fit for the feet” but also trendy.

Dr Schaeffer recommends ASICS sneakers because they are not only lightweight but provide good support during exercise. He says: “This shoe was my first love and loved by many podiatrists out there,” according to TLC Me.

For those who suffer from chronic foot pain, the media sensation recommends Vionic shoes. He says they’re great for patients with heel pain, arch pain, and plantar fascia. For patients with painful bunions, Dr. Schaeffer recommends Calla shoes.

The esteemed podiatrist says he’s been wearing Brooks running shoes for three years. Saying that they are accommodating and comfortable, he claims that they help his feet feel “stable” when exercising.

The TLC reality TV star loves her HOKA shoes which have a price range of $ 80 to $ 250. The doctor explained, “It has become my everyday shoe! They have an unloading sole that makes you feel like you’re floating when you walk. I wear them all day when I see my patients!

What led Dr. Brad Schaeffer to podiatry

Dr. Schaeffer graduated from Temple University School of Podiatry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently has a thriving practice called Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Not only is the young doctor the focus of the TLC reality show, but he also appeared on Dwayne’s NBC fitness competition show “The Rock” Johnson, The Games of the Titans. He also has a significant social media presence with 131,000 Instagram followers.

In an interview with APMSADr. Schaeffer revealed that he originally wanted to be a pharmacist. In college, he realized he didn’t have a passion for it, but wanted to use his experience in sports and his knowledge of anatomy to his advantage. He decided to enroll in the podiatry school.

The reality TV star said TLC contacted him about My feet are killing me when he participated in The Games of the Titans. Dr Schaeffer said:

“It was my wildest dream, and I needed someone to pinch me because it was crazy… It was partly luck, but I put a lot of time and work into it. my profession… I have always been a strong advocate of honesty, humble and true to yourself.

Fans of the reality show can’t get enough of Dr. Schaeffer’s advice. According to Men’s health, the 37-year-old doctor recommends cutting your toenails crosswise instead of rounding them, especially if you regularly experience ingrown toenail problems.

On his professional blog, Stop foot pain quickly, Dr. Schaeffer discusses the importance of walking 10,000 steps each day to promote a healthy lifestyle. The doctor also recommends dealing with any problems before they become debilitating. He is an advocate for patient health and strives to educate diabetic patients on proper foot care.

In an interview with Pop cultureDr Schaeffer said: “A lot of people who have a problem with their feet are in a lot of pain, but they just don’t see a doctor because they’re so embarrassed. He explained, “There doesn’t have to be, we see crazy stuff.”

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