Tiny runner stuns crowd as she wins race – after returning for her lost shoe

Call her the homecoming child.

A young girl stunned onlookers after winning a 200m sprint – despite losing her shoe along the way and turning to look for it.

Seven-year-old Talaya Crawford pulled off the remarkable feat at a track and field meet held in Omaha, Nebraska last Saturday.

The incredible moment was recorded by her famous father, boxer Terence “Bud” Crawford, who first posted the footage to his Instagram page on Sunday.

“I just can’t stop thinking about my daughters track meet yesterday,” Bud wrote alongside the video. “She just doesn’t have a clue how much she’s just motivated me. That’s the definition of not giving [up], heart and courage. She let it all drag on even when she was hit by adversity.

The clip was then reposted on Twitter, where it has been viewed 9 million times.

Goof: Talaya was seen losing her shoe right after the starting pistol shot, signaling the start of the 200-meter sprint.
Jam Press Vid/@futurekodaks92/@t
The youngster quickly went back to get the shoe and decided to persevere, despite falling significantly behind his competitors.
The youngster quickly returned to retrieve the shoe and put it back on. She decided to persevere, despite being significantly behind her competitors.
Jam Press Vid/@futurekodaks92/@t

The video shows young Talaya losing her shoe just seconds after the start shot, signaling the start of the 200-meter race.

The youngster immediately realizes that he is missing the shoes and turns to retrieve the item, quickly putting it back in place.

While most of the kids may have given up, Talaya chooses to persevere and sprints ahead, despite falling far behind her competition.

Get in front!  Talaya outperformed her competitors and crossed the finish line in first place.
Get in front! Talaya outperformed her competitors and crossed the finish line in first place.
Jam Press Vid/@futurekodaks92/@t

“Come on Talaya! Go Talaya! her family can be heard shouting from the stands, as the speedy 7-year-old begins to close in on her fellow racers.

Remarkably, the elementary school student outruns her rivals at the midpoint, getting a head start on the competition and staying there until she crosses the finish line.

Spectators seemed shocked by Talaya’s unlikely victory – and viewers on social media had the exact same reaction.

“Superstar already. I’ve never seen anyone put on a shoe and win so much in a 200m race! one Instagram user remarked.

“That’s the definition of not giving [up]heart and courage,” proud father Terence “Bud” Crawford said of his daughter Talaya’s remarkable win.

Another emotionally added: ‘My wife and I watched it three times in a row, both impressed that she didn’t just get mad and quit. I don’t think most kids would pout or cry. Not only does she stick to it and finish, but she comes back to dominate in some way. We should all have his courage.

Meanwhile, Talaya’s running coach, Shunta Paul, told Omaha.com the youngster was “embarrassed” by the blunder and promised to make sure her shoelaces were tied before the start. of every future race.

But Paul said it was really Talaya who taught people around the world an important lesson: “Never give up!

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