These Asics sneakers double as a map of Tokyo’s subway system

Who needs Google Maps? Travelers soon to Tokyo may to carry a map of the city’s metro network, thanks to the latest collaboration from sneaker brand Asics and boutique Atmos.

The duo co-designed a limited-edition Sport Style GEL-LYTE III OG they call “TYO SUBWAY.” An official map by Tokyo-based Ogikubo, Tokyo Cart Graphic covers the sneaker’s premium leather upper, while TYO (the city, for short) and Tokyo Tower are embroidered on the inner toe and the tongue.

The Tokyo Metro is the busiest rail system in the world.

This isn’t the first time the GEL-LYTE III OG has boasted map art. In 2018, there was the GEL-LYTE III world map, which squeezed the entire planet into a sneaker. Because the Earth is 71% water, however, this sneaker looked blue – but the classic classroom globe was blue instead, which was bold, but also antique. The NYC SUBWAY version passed for white and featured an embroidered apple and NYC text on the tongue. The TYO SUBWAY Edition is a sneaker that also looks mostly white from a distance.

Lost in Tokyo? Look down (and very, very close).


Up close, however, it’s covered in colored lines. They run over the upper of the sneaker and are true to the real Tokyo subway. Intersections actually exist, and stops and stations are labeled. Additionally, the outsole and toe logo, perhaps unintentionally, nods to Tokyo’s first subway line, the Orange Line (or 3), which opened in 1927. whether you wear them or not – of course you should – they are an interesting collectible to say the least.

“We wanted to create a project based on common traits shared between the cities where Atmos is based – Tokyo and New York. Thus, the decision for the ‘subway’ theme also incorporates the respective route maps”, Nampo Mitsushiro, buyer and designer for atmos japan, said. “‘TYO SUBWAY’ uses a road map representing the entire Tokyo metropolitan area on the upper, with the Yamanote line in the center. Additionally, the midsole and laces have been designed in a vintage ivory tone, taking inspiration from vintage /recycled. trend that has been making the rounds of the sneaker scene in recent years.”

Order your own wearable card through Atmos, either in person at Atmos stores in New York, DC or Philadelphia, or online, April 23.


Asics x Atmos

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