These Amazon Cross-training sneakers are perfect for every workout

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Believe it or not, your favorite pair of sneakers may not be designed for all types of exercise, no matter how comfortable they are. For example, a lightweight, ultra-supportive pair of running shoes might not be the best for weightlifting – you’ll want something a little flatter and more stable for that. But instead of spending money on multiple pairs of shoes for different fitness activities, what if there was one versatile sneaker that could do it all? Lucky for you, we’ve identified the perfect pair that starts at $65 on Amazon.

With Ryka’s Influence Cross Trainers, you can do just about anything in comfort and style. Whether you’re headed to the gym for weight training or running a run outdoors, these performance trainers are designed to adapt to a variety of activities – so they may even be the last pair of sports shoes you need to buy.

If you’re wondering what makes them different from all the others currently in your closet, consider the design. A specialized rubber outsole with a visible footprint shape on the bottom features circular pivot points for easy movement, while a high impact energy return foam midsole provides adequate support and cushioning during intense workouts. And all of those details really pay off in terms of comfort and functionality, at least according to the nearly 11,000 Amazon shoppers who gave the shoes a perfect rating.

“I train six days a week,” one person wrote. “I needed an affordable trainer that would at least provide lateral support and toe cushion for burpees. I purchased the Ryka Influence Cross Training shoe [and] I’m here to tell you that I got way more than I expected. These shoes fit my heels perfectly, [have] excellent traction for burpees and explosive movements, and they have a wide base for lateral movements and strength training. Don’t let the price fool you. These are serious shoes for serious training.”

The fact that they are totally customizable makes them even more interesting. The shoes are available in full, half and wide sizes ranging from women’s 5 to 11, and you can choose from 25 color options, including neutral grays and whites, as well as bright pinks, purples and blues.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a pair of shoes that will provide as much comfort and support in a Zumba class as they do when lifting weights, drop Ryka’s Influence Cross Trainers into your Amazon shopping cart. They’ll get the job done every time, and all for a reasonable price.

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