sports shoes with Geforce RTX 3080!

It must be totally uncomfortable, but it looks relaxed: the game shoe from Artifact Studios. (Photo:

gAamir scrambles to obtain current graphics cards from manufacturer Nvidia, which are sold everywhere. It hasn’t escaped America’s Artifact Studios, either. The Los Angeles-based company specializes in creating virtual sneakers for promotional purposes and Started Now collaborate with console supplier NZXT. Against this background, the company introduced a sports shoe that friends and expensive shoe players should hurt weak knees. The model, presumably designed as a collector’s item, appears to have a full-fledged PC including an integrated display, and now it comes, the Geforce RTX 3080 in the sole – Nvidia’s most requested graphics card right now!

A functional tool or an advertising ploy?

While the futuristic-looking treadmill, unlike other sneakers from Artifact Studios, isn’t just found in the virtual world, it’s still unclear whether the model featured in the short video clip is actually fully functional or the ones. digital experts. They used their bag of tricks for the clip. One thing’s for sure: the piece looks good, but it shouldn’t function as a truly wearable shoe. But even as a decorative support, such a shoe can turn out to be big sales. It’s unclear if software makers actually plan to release sales or if it all just should be a big advertisement.

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