Retro sneakers take inspiration from Game Boy, Alien, Furbys and more

A new collection of retro-inspired Nike sneakers is launching with themes spanning the original Game Boy, Tamagotchi, and the Alien Egg.

game boy alien furby tamagotchi retro sneakers

The market for limited-edition custom clothing and footwear has always been booming. Usually these unique items are developed in conjunction with the manufacturer, often in conjunction with the release of a particular video game or movie. CD Projekt RED has teamed up with Adidas for the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, Nike released a limited edition pair of Air Jordan 1s for 2020 League of Legends World Championship and PUMA designed Super Mario-themed sneakers in May 2021.


However, consumers no longer have to wait for companies to release officially licensed special editions of their products. A quick browse through Etsy or eBay will reveal all sorts of altered items for sale, from socks and beanies to shoes and handbags. Some creative fans have shown off their own personalized items on social media, and sometimes the results are as good as the official releases. A few months ago, an artist on Reddit shared a pair of Red Dead Redemption 2 Nike shoes they had been commissioned to paint, and even Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has a bespoke Xbox-themed snowboard.

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UK company The Sole Supplier mainly works with other retailers to highlight themed shoe launches, but the company sometimes releases its own collections as well. The sole supplier recently shared a new collection of Nike sneakers inspired by retro toys, including a pair of Air Jordan 1s with a Nintendo Game Boy graphic. There’s also a pair of Furby-themed Air Jordan 1s, Tamagotchi-style Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers, Air Force 1s with a colorful Rubik’s Cube theme, and a pair of the ovomorph-inspired Air Max 95s. Extraterrestrial franchise.

air jordan 1 game boy theme

It is unknown if these shoes are officially authorized by Nike, although the manufacturer often collaborates with other companies to release themed shoes. The company released a pair of Nintendo 64-based Air Max 97s a few years ago, and Paul George designed a pair of PS5-themed sneakers in partnership with Nike and Sony in May 2021. In July of the same year, Xbox teamed up with Nike to release a space jam bundle that comes with a pair of LeBron 18 Low sneakers and a custom Xbox controller.

Nike often overlooks when a supplier customizes and resells their sneakers, but the company has been known to react strongly if a company goes overboard. In March 2021, Nike filed a lawsuit against MSCHF for trademark infringement when the art collective released a pair of modified Air Max 97s in partnership with rapper Lil Nas X. The ‘Satan Shoes’ were decorated with ‘a pentagram and had a drop of human blood in the soles, and outraged consumers called for a boycott Nike, even though the company had neither designed nor sold the shoes. This lawsuit was settled out of court and sales were halted.

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