pgLang x Converse shoes | High Consumption

Of all the clothing brands in the world, shoes or otherwise, Converse must have some of the most timeless designs ever created. Once worn by Wilt Chamberlain and Julius Erving, Converse’s flagship Chuck Taylor All Stars and Pro Leathers may have outlived their usefulness on the basketball court, but not in the fashion world.

Today, the multidisciplinary brand pgLang (short for Programming Language) of Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free released two new shoes in collaboration with Converse. The project, called pgLang for Converse, which began the design phase more than two years ago, was the first non-musical assignment for the company after launching in 2020. The line consists of a new version of the Chuck 70 and Pro from Converse. Leather trainers, each in white with the pgLang logo somewhere on the upper.

For the Chuck Taylors, the silhouette has barely changed since the shoe’s debut in 1922, and the same has been true for the Pro Leathers since 1976. Where most collaborators try something innovative or loud With the age-old designs, pgLang and its team of creatives went for something minimalist. The new Chuck 70, dubbed thegoodluckchuck, sports the traditional silhouette, but with red and blue trim along the rubber sole and an embossed gold star on the All-Star patch. The Pro leather, dubbed theprogramleather, features an off-white star and chevron patched to the upper, along with an off-white rubber sole.

The shoes were supposed to be released late last year, but were delayed for a few months due to supply chain issues. However, both are finally available to purchase now from the Converse or pgLang online store.

Purchase: $90 +

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