Kingdom Hearts 4 brought the community to tears over Sora’s clown shoes

After yesterday’s blow Kingdom Hearts 4 announcementfans shared small details they noticed in the new trailer and what they think of Sora’s improved look.

Almost unrecognizable from his previous appearances, Sora has taken on a new form for Kingdom Hearts 4. Of course, we’re still currently in the early days of development and so all of this may be subject to change, but fans are already preparing to tell revisit some of Sora’s identifying characteristics.

Although it is an ongoing joke within the Kingdom Hearts community, it seems that Sora will no longer wear shoes that are too big for him in Kingdom Hearts 4. As shown in the trailer, Sora now sports more normal and stylish shoes that complement the rest of her outfit in Quadratum (the setting for the upcoming game). Pretty much a staple of all Sora’s outfits in every Kingdom Hearts game that came before it, the Clown Shoes will be sorely missed by many players – as evidenced below.

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Another key piece of Sora’s outfit that’s currently missing in Kingdom Hearts 4 is his gloves. Each iteration of Sora has seen the protagonist wear some kind of hand prop, from the smaller, more subtle gloves in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 to the longer, more visible wrist cuffs he wears in Kingdom Hearts 3. gloves were a minor part of Sora’s outfit that probably went unnoticed by a lot of people, this transition from Sora’s cartoon clothes to a much more realistic style feels like the end of an era, like some fans expressed. (opens in a new tab)

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, it looks like Sora has stopped using as much hair gel as in previous installments of the series, as his hair falls slightly flatter than in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. from Reddit speculated that it could be due to a Kingdom Hearts 3 spoilers (opens in a new tab), but it’s more likely that Sora’s hair has lost some of its volume as he now resides in Quadratum, which looks more realistic anyway. But knowing series creator Tetsuya Nomura, there’s probably so much more going on than we currently realize.

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