J Balvin Styles Tyga x MSCHF, Balenciaga x ‘Simpsons’ Trainers

Who better to showcase Tyga & MSCHF’s crazy “Wavy Baby” shoes than style maven J Balvin, who did just that while walking the streets of New York City.

On April 8, Balvin appeared in New York’s Soho neighborhood — shopper’s paradise — with his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer and their child, Rio, born in the summer of 2021. Plus the usual security/assistant detail, of course. safe.

Balvin flexed Givenchy shades, a Balenciaga x The Simpsons T-shirt (with a matching hoodie placed in the pram to protect Rio from the press), Louis Vuitton cargo pants and the aforementioned MSCHF kicks.

According to a street-style video filmed with Balvin on the same day, the musician also wore a Balenciaga hooded bomber jacket but took it off. In all honesty, it was pretty warm that day (but pretty cold for the rest of the weekend, sigh).

Oh, and Balvin’s hair is still adorned with that KAWS tribute he wore to the Grammys the weekend before.

Balvin’s style is based on a genuine appreciation of progressive luxury goods, stuff that’s a bit flashy but with a deeper intention than just being a display of wealth.

“I think people feel the energy, people always know when someone’s faking it or not,” Balvin told Highsnobiety of his stylistic taste.

“When it comes from you and you feel comfortable, so do others.”

Totally verifies that Balvin would dig Tyga and MSCHF’s new kicks, which actually don’t see a wider release until April 18th and retail for $220.

Balvin’s fashion collaborations lean towards the mass market, like his BAPE collection and the infrequent GUESS drops.

As MSCHF Sneakers‘ drops continue, expect more extravagant and stylish celebs to get in on the action in a big way, perhaps more than with any of MSCHF’s past efforts.

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