Dragon Ball Z fan summons Shenron with these custom Nike sneakers

The Dragon Balls remain one of the biggest “deus ex machina” items in anime medium, with the Z Fighters using Wish Orbs longer than we can count to bring back fallen allies or determine. the fate of civilization, and one fan incorporated the means to summon the Eternal Dragon into custom Nike sneakers. With the Dragon Balls of the Planet Cereal playing a huge role in the final arc of Dragon ball super manga, it looks like Shenron and the other dragons in the universe will continue to play a big role in the franchise.

In the original version Dragon ball series, the Dragon Balls have been touted as the main reason Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, and the original cast of Akira Toriyama franchise joined forces. Over the years of the series, as new power levels have been achieved and new transformations have been unleashed, the Dragon Balls may not be as focused as they used to be, but they still have a serious role to play in. play in the story of Goku, Vegeta and the other Z Fighters. With various versions of the balls created by the Namekians across the galaxy, it will be interesting to see what other iterations of the Wish Orbs are introduced later.

Reddit user What U Talking Bout Will shared these bespoke Nike sneakers, giving the shoes a makeover that not only painted the Dragon Balls on the side of the bespoke sneakers, but changed the company’s logo to reflect the journey. of Son Goku and the colorful characters of the Shonen franchise:

I just finished these custom DBZ shoes, what about dbz

This is far from the first time that Dragon Ball has been used to create custom sneakers, but the Shonen franchise has also had official crossovers with the sneaker world. Adidas had collaborated with the anime franchise, creating shoes that echoed the aesthetics of Shenron, Goku, Cell, Freeza and many more.

What other anime franchises do you hope to see get their own sneakers? What has been your favorite anime shoe released over the years? Please let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things about comics, cartoons, and the world of Dragon Ball.

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