Danielle Kang’s brand new Adidas shoes

Danielle Kang’s win at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions came wearing the new Tour360 ’22 shoe from Adidas.

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When it comes to shoes, Danielle Kang is particularly picky.

The 29-year-old is the owner of one of the smoothest swings in professional golf – a soft, confidence-inspiring stroke that has taken her to six LPGA Tour wins, including a major championship.

“I don’t miss the fairways,” she says with the same pragmatism as she pronounces his name.

What’s crazy is that she’s not wrong. In last week’s Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, Kang hit 44/56 possible fairways, including 12/14 in his deciding final round.

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Most of that is down to capacity, of course. But like GOLF.com discovered when we sat down with her late last year, part of that may be down to her shoe choice, among other things.

“I played barefoot like once,” she said. “Yes, just once.”

On the contrary, says Kang, she never goes to class without her spikes. Anything else, she says, would be a waste of time, given the role her shoes play in power, control and balance.

“I like the stability of [my shoes], and I love the consistency of the pitch,” she said. “For me, I’m very sensitive to the feel of the balls of my feet and the heels of my feet because we move all the way through the swing, and sometimes when the shoes are too high, I don’t want to be too high. before, when the shoes are too low I don’t want to feel too seated.”

To help him find the right fit, Kang worked with Adidas engineers to develop a shoe that offered optimal performance and comfort – an effort that included Kang’s involvement right down to the positioning of the toes.

“Because I’m on my toes and a lot when I’m through the ball, that toe really matters,” she said, pointing to a notch positioned on the ball of her foot. “When they designed it, it was very important to me, because I need to be able to grip so I don’t slip.”

The rhyme wasn’t intentional, but the reason certainly was. Kang’s shoes have played a pivotal role in his career to date – a role which recently took the next step with the release of the Adidas Tour360 ’22 shoes.

The Tour360 ’22 marks the latest advancement in Adidas’ Tour360 series – a Tour-inspired shoe designed for high-performance players. With Kang’s help, Adidas went back to the drawing board with their all-new product, introducing an all-new direct-injected “Spikemore” traction system to improve control throughout the swing.

Sneakerheads will notice that the new Tour360 ’22 features Adidas’ patented “boost” cushioning system that was first popularized with its Ultraboost shoes. This cushioning system, in addition to an all-new EVA frame, helps provide users with next-level comfort and stability, Adidas says. Add an all-new ‘insite sockliner’ for blister protection, and you’ve got a product built to perform no matter what you choose – just ask Danielle Kang, who scored her first victory in the new shoes at the weekend. -end last.

The new Adidas360 ’22 shoes go on sale Friday, January 28. To learn more, see the link below.

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Adidas 360 ’22 golf shoes


Built for performance with input from some of the best players in the world, the Tour360 ’22 is the latest advancement in Adidas’ flagship shoe line. Featuring an all-new traction system and Boost technology, the ’22 promises premium performance and comfort.

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