Camper’s Runner K21 takes NFW MIRUM® and offers a 100% natural basketball upper – ARCH-USA

Made with MIRUM®

Source: Made with MIRUM® USA

The use of the word “take” is intentional. While MIRUM® is available for companies to use in the journey towards more sustainable and eco-friendly sneakers, Allbirds has announced its connection to NFW in 2021:

Allbirds’ $2M investment for Mirum™ shouldn’t be the goal, NFW Inc. should be

Instead of moving into production and working on concepts that would expand their footwear line into a more diverse product line, Allbirds literally failed to discuss the material or innovate and deliver products containing MIRUM®. Camper is the first brand to market with MIRUM®.

Camper, an Italian family brand, is not a staple in sneaker discussions. To be honest, I had heard of the brand, but never shared any information about their sneakers. I tracked and monitored NFW and their products. It’s fair to say that MIRUM® made that introduction, but Camper stands on its own. With 400 stores, half a billion in revenue and a slew of options from sandals to boots and their own CamperLab, where they manufacture limited innovative products, Camper can be placed in the same category of high-end fashion sneakers delivered in gates of organized brands. .

The K21 MIRUM® looks like leather. This shoe does not look the same as many of the cactus and pineapple leathers touted as vegan options. Here is the description of Camper’s Runner: Embracing the logic that renewable plant sources grow abundantly on the earth, Natural Fiber Welding set out to develop a 100% plant-based material with zero plastic or synthetic fibers. Made from all-natural materials like coconut husk, rice husk, rubber and cork, MIRUM’s unique plant composition® makes it sustainable and circular, meaning a product can be disassembled and recycled at the end of its life.

A more conscious consumer looks beyond logos and considers the impact of their consumption. Camper has dropped two colorways, but you’ll need to act fast to pick up a pair of K21s. They are nearly sold out on the site which is good to see. The terrain style here is very similar to the Karhu Trampas, one of my favorite kicks. It is a simple and elegant sneaker that presents one of the best innovations in materials. Allbirds had the opportunity to create magic and a silhouette unlike anything they released. Instead, I was introduced to Camper and K21, made more responsibly than many shoes touted as sustainable.

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