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If we were asked to think of the last shoe we would wear on a hot summer day, it would probably be these wild boots from Margiela. After these, however, the Lanvin Curb sneakers would top the charts. The huge padded sneakers would surely smother and isolate all at once. But wait, Lanvin just cut their backs? The Curb Lanvin mule exists.

That’s right. Lanvin has cut backs from the iconic Curb trainers, but that’s not the only thing that aligns the shoe with our summer wardrobes. Now featuring cutouts on each side, the Lanvin Curb mule has built-in ventilation.

Retaining the chunky laces and bulky overall shape of the OG Curb, the mule is still playing in the 2000s revival arena in which the Curb thrived. In fact, when the Lanvin Curb Mule is on foot, it’s almost imperceptibly different from the original sneaker. It’s apart from the wearer, who can definitely tell the difference as their feet no longer die of thirst in a pool of their own sweat.

The Lanvin Curb Mule is another warning to all of us that summer is, once again, going to be dominated by mules. Whether it’s a classic Boston Birkenstock or something more daring like this, it’s been on the back burner all season, so get a pair in the rotation.

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Curb Mule Trainers

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