Best Nike Running Shoes – Buying Guide (2022)

Running is one of the most accessible sports in the world. However, getting started can seem daunting when you consider training regiments, diet, and equipment. A simple Google search for “How to Run” brings up over four billion results, and while we at Sneaker News would love to help you navigate some of these discoveries, we’d rather focus on shoes. Because there are thousands of options to choose from, we’re shining the spotlight on Nike Running’s offerings.

Coming soon with the Nike ZoomX StreakFly, the brand’s catalog is extensive. Therefore, your racing needs should be met without issue, not only now, but also as they evolve. World-class athletes like Steve Prefontaine and Eliud Kipchoge have inspired, tested and raced in some of the products Nike has released over the past 58 years – Kipchoge has run a sub-two hour marathon in the Nike AlphaFly NEXT% – so you’ll be in good company.

Before we try to help you figure out which Nike Running shoe is right for you, here are a few things to note:

• The products shown above may no longer be available.
• Nike shoes tend to be narrow and favor neutral runners.
• “Nike React” and “Nike ZoomX” refer to foams commonly used for cushioning.
• Type of kick, foot shape and personal preference should be taken into account.
• You probably don’t need new shoes.

As mentioned earlier, running is one of the most accessible sports. So whatever shoes you can put your feet in, they should work well. However, all of the pairs listed below have helped countless athletes achieve personal bests, improve their “running economy” and minimize the overall stress that sport puts on their bodies with their weight, cushioning, locking methods and other design choices.

The Swoosh’s catalog currently includes over 11 options, but we landed on that number for this list because we felt it captured the perfect range of options for all running needs and price points. As the company is constantly updating its product line, new offerings may appear after posting, but familiar upholstery solutions and other design elements are likely to be used.

Now, without further ado, here are 11 Nike running shoes that might be right for you.

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