Balenciaga’s Runner Sneaker Sculpture Is The Ultimate Homeware Flex

Prove your dedication to the Demna cause by decorating yourself and your home at Balenciaga. The luxury house’s Objects line has just rolled out a new sculpture in the form of the Balenciaga Runner sneaker, embodying the art of the hype house

After last year’s silver Track sneaker and Laser Cube, the Runner Sculpture is Balenciaga’s third sneaker-themed item.

Released on Balenciaga’s website and in its flagship stores in Beijing, Beverly Hills, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Monaco, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, only 20 Runner sculptures will be made.

Each has been handmade to the utmost, singularly modeled, sculpted, fired and painted by an artisan versed in the centuries-old glazing techniques of Italian majolica.

An appreciable contrast in the vein of Duchamp’s ready-mades: a humble sneaker, fashioned in clay and hand-scraped into a work of art.

The Laser Cube took similar liberties with the Balenciaga X-Pander, although it wasn’t as limited.

Ditto for the $5,750 Track sneaker sculpture, which kicked off Balenciaga’s Objects line with a suitably pricey piece of work.

Wondering which Balenciaga sneaker silhouette will be next – the social media hit Defender looks like a worthy cry (maybe make the whole shoe tire) or maybe some Balenciaga Crocs are in order.

What if we extended the distinction of Balenciaga Objects? Looking at you, Kim Kardashian tape and scratched iPhone.

Either way, Balenciaga’s meme-y appeal puts a simple and attractive spin on conventional homewares.

While other luxury houses fuss with sleek artwork or whimsical tchotchkes, Balenciaga simply turns its most coveted kicks into veritable collectibles.

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