How can I get a private loan if I am on the Financial Credit Institution list?

For many people it is difficult to obtain a loan for the simple reason that they are on the list of defaulters. Finding a way to obtain a loan while on the market is an impossible task when we are registered in these states, since banks flatly deny credit if the client has previous debts. That is why getting a private loan is the only solution.

Ways to obtain private loans

Ways to obtain private loans

There are many ways to obtain private loans, private equity companies are dedicated to granting private money loans to their clients, in exchange for a guarantee or guarantee that is usually real estate. In the specific case of our company, Private Credit offers its clients cash in a very short time, a private loan that can be guaranteed by any property, regardless of whether it is real property or not.

To get this particular credit, the user can guarantee it through a vehicle, art pieces, taxi license, real estate, etc. the only exception is jewelry. In other words, there is a wide range of formulas for the client to get the money they need. Our company will be able to provide you with a figure of up to 20% of the value of the guarantee, so the quality of this is of vital importance to obtain the money.

These particular loans that we offer in our company have a series of special advantages, the most important is that you can get money in a very short time, in less than 72 hours it is possible to have the exact amount entered in our current account, provided that we have received the necessary documents in our offices.

Private credits have advantages 

Private credits have advantages 

It is true that real estate guarantees must be free of charges and mortgages in order to be valid as such. We accept flats, houses, premises, etc. We do not consider plots, quarries or land because they are properties too subject to variations in their prices.

In any case, you will never have to worry that you are on any list of defaulters, since that is not a problem for our company, we can grant you the money even if you do not have a job and are unemployed. We are private and private lenders and we can provide you with money including minimum credits starting from $ 3000. Our private credits have advantages such as early cancellation with a 0% penalty as long as the user has completed a mandatory year, it is possible to make a grace period and pay interest only for five years.

As real estate and financial experts that we are, we carry out free studies and we never charge anything in advance, in addition, if you need to carry out the official appraisal of your home, our company can carry out the process at a very low cost for the client, always we take care of everything we can.

All operations are absolutely legal and are signed before a notary, these signatures can be made anywhere in Spain, so that the client does not have to travel.

If you need to get a private loan while on the market, this is the most appropriate company to request the money you need. Our team of professionals will assist you and answer your questions with pleasure.